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Back Home [Jul. 14th, 2006|02:56 pm]
I moved away for a while, but I'm back now. Glad to see my house with fresh eyes. I tore out the carpet in the living room. I need to caulk, sand and paint. Drying time will make it take a while. But since it's basically a repeat of the project I did in my bedroom at least I have all the tools and know what I'm doing.

I could hardly sleep at all last night. That always seems to happen when I've made a huge dramatic change to the house. It's unsettling. Deeply. But then all that stirred up sediment will settle and I'll be happier than I was. My world is as I make it. Woo hoo.
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My Inner Girlfriend [May. 6th, 2005|10:51 am]
I stalled out AGAIN. Then I got some major things behind me that had been weighing heavy on me - met ex's new girlfriend, May Day picnic over. And I came home that afternoon and felt torn. I wanted to hang out with somebody, but I also wanted to be alone. I said to myself "well why not just BE the person you want to hang out with? What's she like?" And that's when I finally met her - my inner girlfriend. I'm familiar with my inner cop and my inner child, but I never knew that SHE was there. I'm in love again. Yay. And she's SO COOL. Instead of sitting around staring into space she wants to DO STUFF. She wanted to finish painting the moulding and she's all psyched up to help me with home improvement projects. She's a great listener, comforts me, calms me, tells me that I'm beautiful and sexy. I think I may have found a love that will last forever.
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(no subject) [Feb. 2nd, 2005|09:50 am]
I had gotten to where each aspect of this project was stalled out because I lacked supplies. So I went to Home Depot and stocked up over the weekend. Then I didn't work on it at all until last night. Then a friend called and I stopped. I didn't even get halfway through painting a closet. Yikes. Stalled out. I have been ridiculously social. That IS my nature, so I can't get too hung up on it. Poor me, I am just too much of a social butterfly. It does get in the way of the whole productivity thing, but, fuck it, I'm not protestant anyway. What work ethic?

But, I think I really need to back off the dating thing until this room is done. I mean I guess I knew when I started that my freaking bedroom was pretty deeply symbolic of my sexuality. Hell, why am I dressing it up as a goddess temple? Huh? Why? Because I am divinely sexy. You know it's true. And I think I need to get that space clear and how I want it in order to shift my sex life (and especially the associated emotions) more in the direction I want. I decluttered my sex toys over the weekend. I figured since my sex life has been an area of lots of emotional turmoil of late, I could address the tangible artifacts of my sexuality as a means to gain some clarity. That combined with an hour and a half run (I am still sore from 4 days ago) seem to have helped a lot. So yeah I am hoping that I can motivate myself to get some serious work done on this room if I've got some action as my reward. The crushes just keep on coming. I swear the boy at the coffee stand looks just like a cherub, all grown up.
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(no subject) [Jan. 21st, 2005|11:15 am]
My floor project in my bedroom is insane. It's an enormous amount of work and I'm going to love it and it will be worth it. But it's insane. Last night I realized that I have developed a fear of freehand painting. If I had started out with the courage to do it by hand rather than needing a stencil the whole project could have been much quicker. That's OK, because it will give a certain look - the look I want.

So thinking about freehand painting and the confidence I used to have with it - I had a flash of vision! I know what my living room floor will be like! Art nouveau whiplash design in carmel and brown tones with stylized purple flowers. And it will trail down the hall organically through the enchanted forest mural I will eventually paint there. I love having decor visions. Ahhhhh.
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(no subject) [Jan. 19th, 2005|08:27 am]
I spent the break working on my bedroom. I am having a hard time finding housemates, so I figure I may as well move all my crap to the other bedroom, fix up my room, make space to squeeze all my stuff from my "office" (AKA the crap room) into my bedroom and prettify in the process. So far I have:

1. Moved all the crap out of my room (had help)
2. Caulked the shit out of my room
3. Put one coat of periwinkle paint on the walls
4. One coat of black paint on the trim
5. Two coats of black on the doors
6. Primed and 2 coats of red on the accent wall
7. Primed and painted red one closet
8. Pulled out carpet
9. Demoed the tack strip. I am She-Ra
10. Cleaned and scrubbed and scraped
11. Painted the plywood floor with one coat of a dark reddish brown floor paint
12. Filled in the gap under the shoe moulding with foam and cut the foam
13. Done the stoner playtime part where I cut out scale models of all my furniture and rearranged them on graph paper til I got the layout perfect
14. Gathered a shitload of red and black accessories - rug, saris, tea tins, purses, pillow,

Still to go:
1. Select, buy, cut, paint and install new shoe moulding
2. One more coat of paint on trim
3. Paint a bronze glaze on trim and doors
4. Another coat of periwinkle on walls
5. Prime and paint the other closet
6. Buy 30-40 yards of raw muslin, dye it beige (of all colors!) and staple-gun to the ceiling (help from two friends for this)
7. Figure out some way to finish the edge of the ceiling (crown moulding? more muslin?)
8. Finish cutting the stencil for the pattern that will be on the floor
9. Find a good box to use to tape the stencil on the bottom of so I can use spray paint and not deal with it bleeding over the edges
10. Another coat of brown on the floor
11. By this point I hope I will have figured out what kind of border I want/whether to have a border, etc, design details (another friend helping with this)
12. Stencil, highlight the design with bronze marker pen (great idea given to me by friend)
13. Do the lighting, furniture arranging, hang art, etc
14. Slowly elaborate - add details, etc

I'm glad I wrote that out. I knew I was more than halfway done, but I am REALLY more than halfway done with the parts that keep me from moving back in there. Yay!
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I feel so clear [Dec. 3rd, 2004|09:06 am]
I knew going into this whole decluttering thing that it wasn't just about the physical side of it, that it would somehow be reflected internally. But I wasn't quite sure how that would work or what it would feel like. It's really starting to happen now! I spent a whole week with my family and got through it really well. It had this after-effect that I hadn't fully anticipated (like mental trash that I needed to take to the curb), but that I feel like I've worked through and dealt with. I finally know what it means to deal with emotional clutter. My mind feels orderly. Weird. I like it.
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Caulk Blocked! [Sep. 20th, 2004|02:10 pm]
Yesterday was a day of looking at the house with a fresh eye (after 2 days at ACL) and doing a bunch of those tiny things that only take 10 minutes but make a huge difference. Still, I wasn't able to get any one part of the house looking good enough to show to the world. I really should just move the piles of junk, take the photos and move the junk back :) Because I'd love to show off a little. Dan is in the process of moving out, though, and once that happens there will be less piles of crap... Oh yeah, and no digital camera. LOL.

I tried to recaulk the shower and got stuck. That's the project for tonight.

For the caulk saga see saucydwellings
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(no subject) [Sep. 13th, 2004|09:22 am]
I finished filing ALL of my financial and other important papers!!! Yay me! I still have to do all the rest of my papers - recipes, spells, herbal stuff, activist stuff, mementos, etc. But still, this is exciting. I think this is the first time EVER that all that stuff is filed. I have been trying to get back to focusing on decluttering rather than decorating. Especially because my boyfriend is moving out and I am getting housemates, so I really need to reduce the quantity of stuff I have and the space it takes up.
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What Were You Hoping To Find Out About Me? [Jul. 20th, 2004|01:33 pm]
I am the kind of lady who gets insane crushes and can't think straight because I am obsessing so hard. I've been a huge slob since I was a tiny little girl. So I am trying to put these two things together and keep myself focused on decluttering and decorating my house. I really want to figure out my digital camera so I can post pics and get feedback. In the meantime, I read posts about other peoples places for inspiration to feed my obsession. And so now when I am lying in bed trying to fall asleep I fantasize about paint colors and lighting design. Really, I do.

Once, I was in Mexico and my friend started talking to this couple. They were asking questions about us and our lives. The woman pointed at me and asked "Y la guerona?" And we all thought that la guerona sounds a hell of a lot better than big old white chick. And so I thanked them for the screen-name.

I am going through a big change right now and very open to making new friends. So if you want to know more about me or whatever, please leave a comment and I will most certainly get back to you.

Con amor,

la guerona
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